Top 10: Lord of the Rings Scenes

It’s nearly impossible to pick the best or most memorable scenes The Lord of the Rings trilogy. It’s hard to even write about them because I love it so much and have way too many feelings. But I’ll try.

1. Sam Carries Frodo 

The test of true friendship, and Sam passes with flying colors. How can you not feel emotional as the Into the West Theme plays as Sam carries Frodo up the mountain? (Howard Shore’s brilliant score “The Black Gate Opens”)

2. The Death of Sauron

The moment we’ve all been waiting for- for nearly 10 hours now- is finally here. The journey ends, the fellowship’s quest fulfilled. This finale is exhilarating and emotional.

3. Gandalf’s Advice to Frodo

Possibly one of the greatest quotes from the trilogy. “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.” Gandalf’s wise and comforting words not only echo back to Frodo when he makes his choice to go and destroy the ring, but also stay in our hearts.

4.. You Shall Not Pass

This scene is simultaneously awesome and heartbreaking. We go from Gandalf being a total badass to the moving aftermath of his death. And that music, have I mentioned how brilliant Howard Shore’s score is?

5. Gollum vs. Smeagol

We get to see Andy Serkis’ brilliant acting and motion capture work in this integral scene into understanding the psychology of Gollum’s character. We see the dueling hero and villain that wrestles within him, but this time it’s Gollum who finally wins.

6. Boromir’s Death  

Yes we know the joke, Sean Bean always dies. But his work in this emotional scene is powerful. It’s sad to see him feel like a failure because he was tempted by the ring. But he’s not a villain, the ring was just too strong for him.

7. There’s Some Good In This World 

Sean Astin really shows some of his finest acting as Sam in this speech. Not only is it a crucial moment for The Two Towers, but it is the crux of the entire story. What are they fighting for anyway? Why is the battle for Middle-Earth so important? There is good in the world, and even in the darkest times there is still hope for it.

8. Pelannor Fields

Hands down, the best battle scene on screen. Everything about this, the CGI, the fight choreography, the music, is incredibly thrilling. And obviously Eowyn’s badass I AM NO MAN moment.

9. Grey Havens

This scene just breaks my heart. There has not been one viewing where I haven’t cried. When he hugs Sam goodbye…I CAN’T.

10. Helm’s Deep Charge

The entire Helm’s Deep battle is fantastic, but the charge at the end wins it all. When all hope is nearly lost and they are at the darkest point, Gandalf returns. A fantastic and visually spectacular moment.

Really, this isn’t even scratching the surface of the best parts of the film. Anyway, I think I’m due for another LOTR marathon. How about you?

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