Scene Sound Off: Gone Girl

*photos and scene may be NSFW*

The Desi murder scene in Gone Girl is not only one of the most exciting and terrifying parts of the film, but also a great example of a film elevating a scene from the book. I remember reading this part in the book, but it didn’t nearly chill me as much as seeing it on screen helmed by the great David Fincher. There were loud and audible gasps in the theater when this happened, even from me, who already knew it was coming. Watching Desi die was far more frightening than reading it.

The scene opens with Desi arriving at his house. Amy hears Desi coming, and perfectly perches herself on the couch for his arrival. On a side note, I absolutely love Rosamund Pike’s husky and alluring voice as Amy. This scene has already begun shrouded in a sense of mystery.  One shot shows Desi and Amy completely in shadow, as the background is illuminated.

Screenshot (43)

Amy takes off her clothes, dressed in white lingerie. Of course, she is anything but pure. She has been painting herself as an innocent and abused victim for Desi the entire time.  Also, the white will make for an amazing contrast to dark red and black of Desi’s blood pouring on her.

Screenshot (49)

Amy opens her legs, she almost looks like a preying mantis about to consume her prey. The shots of the backs of Amy and Desi make for nice parallels and composition.

What really makes the scene amazing  is Trent Reznor’s score. As does the entire film. The pulsating heart-beat like music paired with the screen fading in and out makes the scene even more terrifying than it already is. In those brief all-in-black pauses, we fear for what we will see next. Our heart beats in rhythm to the score.

Screenshot (46)

Amy kills Desi at the height of his climax, when the blood is most flowing. When Amy slashes The camera is looking up at Desi, which makes it seem like the blood is going to fall on us. We see the initial slash and aftermath completely from Amy’s point of view. Instead of observing this murder we are right inside and a part of it. The cut makes for an overwhelming and horrifying shower of blood, and Amy freely moves about, rolling around in it. She is still having sex with him right after she first slits his throat.

Screenshot (51)

This scene is the farthest we’ve seen Amy go. Up until now all the havoc she’s wreaked has been on herself. We’ve seen the insane lengths she’s gone to create her murder scene, then the scenario of her being tourtured/raped by Desi. We’ve seen Amy spill her own blood, but this is the first we’ve seen her commit actual murder. The audience now sees that there are no lengths to which Amazing Amy will not go. Our eyes are opened to the true sociopath she really is.

Screenshot (52)

That final shot of Amy covered in blood, white lingerie now completely black, flipping her hair is perfect and the personification of Amy’s entire character. Even when you’re spilling buckets of blood from someone, you still have to have every blonde hair in place. Watch the scene below!

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