MICerz revolves around a hapless group of mostly male comedians trying to make it in Hollywood. Most of the comedy is derived from them roasting one another. If crass humor is not your style, this film may not appeal to you, especially because the acerbic jokes obnoxiously go on for the entirety of the film. The flat, dark visuals match the cynical tone of Omar Dzlieri’s screenplay.

Arnold is a down-on-his-luck comic who lives in a van. He agrees to help out Dave, the grouchy owner of a hole-in-the-wall club The Bomb Shelter, in exchange for parking nearby and practicing there. The best part of the film is Arnold’s dynamic with the other comics, despite a few stilted performances from some of the ensemble. Through their quick-witted sparring, Dzlieri authentically captures how they find humor in every situation and are constantly striving to perfect their craft.

The Bomb Shelter allows the group of comedians to test their sets on one another, and they call each other out when they bomb (hence the club’s name). While it is fascinating to see the behind-the-scenes of a comedian perfecting their set, the constant barrage of failed jokes starts to irritate the viewer.

MICerz is not a triumphant tale of upward mobility. The film cynically navigates the failures and flaws of people who are dedicated to finding the humor in those very same things. This is not a story of finding stardom but of exposing the underbelly of Hollywood. Not all viewers will be able to handle the boorish humor or the gritty outlook of MICerz. It has a mean spirit that makes it difficult to embrace.


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